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Thanks for visiting our site, we are ‘International Developers in London’ and have 1 simple aim – connecting developers from around the world who have decided to progress their careers here in London.

Adam Bolton, founder of ID London

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Introducing ID London

What are we all about?  Well it’s very simple really.

Building Communities

Many developers arrive in London from foreign countries and English is often not their 1st language. So finding your way around or a nice place to live can be difficult – our aim is to connect developers in a friendly environment where they can make new friends and discuss the latest technology trends.


We are agnostic in terms of development skills, and have seen a broad range of technical skills from C# developers to Java developers, C++ Developers, Database Engineers, Mobile developers and so on.  As long as you are a development professional we are delighted to have you at our meetups!

Making Connections

It's difficult enough settling into a new city, so finding someone who you can talk to about their experiences in relocating is beneficial. Whilst recruitment isn’t anywhere on the agenda, if needed we can help you to find a job here in London with your well-honed development skills.

Our Communities

Below are some of our most popular international developer communities

Our People

Who We Are? Information About Us.

Adam Bolton linkedin.com/in/adambolton
Adam primarily works as a recruiter, but don’t hold that against him – he is engaged in the community and is in a unique position to spread to word about these events, continually speaking to developers from all over the world. Unfortunately he only speaks English, but fortunately the developers who come to the events do too when he’s around!

Lorenzo Moretti linkedin.com/in/morettilorenzo
Lorenzo is a senior .NET developer, Italian, who has lived here in London for nearly 4 years. Currently working for Gazprom (Oil and Gas), with several years of experience in global financial organizations, he is the co-organizer of ‘Italian Developers in London’.

Rodrigo Laranjo linkedin.com/in/rodrigolaranjo
Rodrigo is also an experienced C# developer who arrived in London from Brazil early in 2013. He assists with ‘Portuguese Speaking developers in London’.

Magdalena Marczak linkedin.com/in/magdalenamarczak
Magdalena is a biz. dev. and marketing manager at eBay Classifieds Group. Although not a developer, she has an interest in technology and helps start- ups as a consultant. Polish, has lived in London for 10 years and still enjoys this city, therefore would like to help newly arrived developers to feel ‘at home’ in London; co-organizer of ‘Polish Developers in London’ group.

Brendon Bezuidenhout linkedin.com/in/brendon-bezuidenhout
Brendon is a senior .Net developer who moved from South African (Pretoria) over 10 years ago, and has been working in London for roughly 7 years. He has an growing appreciation for the Windows Phone platform and eagerly speaks on its merits to all that will listen. He is also co-organiser of the South African Developers in London group.

Julien Brouusseau linkedin.com/in/julienbrousseau
Julien is an experienced .Net and SharePoint developer with 9 years of experience in software development, 4 of which have been spent in London. I moved here in late 2009 and have been using my skills in the oil industry since, mainly designing and implementing systems used in oil prices calculations and delivery.

Alain Mangin
Alain is a Senior .Net developer and Architect with more than 13 years’ experience in software development. He has lived in London for 1 year. He is the co-organizer of "Spanish Developers in London”.


We’ve helped hundreds settle here in London.

As organizer of the Italian Developers in London's Meetup, Adam is doing an incredible job. He can arrange either informal or technical events in a very friendly and stimulating environment. I think he is helping a lot of people in putting them together and allows them to share experiences.

Mattia Richetto, Linked In

I met Adam earlier this year when I came to London (from Brazil) and was looking for a new position. He really helped me to understand the London market, as well as some tips on my CV and interviewing techniques. I was scared about the interview process here in London! Adam's help was fundamental for me to understand the local market and I am so grateful to him. He works really hard not only on recruitment, but also on our language specific community - thanks Adam!

Rodrigo Laranjo, Linked In

Upcoming Events

Thanks for looking. We’d love to meet you.

We're hosting an evening with MarketInvoice on the 26th November where we will be hearing talks from Jason Dryhurst-Smith on FUNctional Programming & Hendrik Brackmann on Risk Modelling. We're also arranging a CTO to come in and give a talk. For more info click HERE or to be taken straight to tickets head to Eventbrite where you can grab a free ticket to the event.

Feel free to get in touch with us on any of the mediums below!